Emergency Action Plans (EAP) - The start of any Safety Program is a detailed EAP. Vet Ed Pro has produced EAP's for large and small facilities and has templates available which cover most contingencies.

Safety Training - Vet Ed Pro uses the best teaching practices to insure excellent training for animal care practitioners in less time than is typically needed for general safety courses.

If you are interested in a walk through or would like more information, please contact us by email at steve@vetedpro.com or by phone at 281-300-4920.

Vet Ed Pro

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Compliance - Vet Ed Pro has performed SDS compliance for a number of clients and incorporates the newer OSHA requirements for the Global Harmonized System (GHS).

Safety Compliance

Vet Ed Pro provides cost effective OSHA compliance and business consulting services tailored to animal care facilities.